The Art School at Old Church maintains four studios with professional equipment. Our studios have excellent lighting and are well ventilated and climate controlled. One of our studios is dedicated solely to ceramics.

The following lists some of the major equipment and tools provided at the school:

Painting & Sculpture departments:
Sculpture stands
Well-stocked prop closet

Jewelry department:
Soldering equipment
Two rolling mills (sheet and square wire)
Polishing motor
Flexible shaft motors
Hydraulic press
Hand tools (hammers, pliers, files, saw frames, dapping dies)

A small selection of findings, solder and tools is available for sale through the school.

Flameworking department:
Nine flameworking torch stations
Chili pepper kiln
Varied supply of Moretti (Effetre) glass
Hand tools (shaping tools, glass cutting scissors, mashers, tweezers, graphite paddles)

Printmaking department:
Charles Brand etching press with 26" x 60" bed
Large and small rollers for relief printing
Ultraviolet light box for creating solarplates
Well-stocked supply of inks for intaglio and relief printing
Two Paula Roland hotboxes

Ceramics department:
Ten electric wheels
Two kick wheels
Three electric kilns
Geil shuttle kiln (54 cubic ft.)
Bailey gas kiln coming soon!
Raku kiln
Ventilated glazing spray booth
Slab roller
Bailey wall-mounted clay extruder

The Art School at Old Church's facilities are wheelchair accessible on the main floor, which houses three multi-use studios, our restrooms, and the Mikhail Zakin and Café art galleries. Our ceramics studio is down one flight of stairs.