Café Gallery


Thinking Outside the Pot
Kathy Eisler & Barbara Sherry

On view in the Cafe Gallery:
February 15-March 20, 2017

This exhibition combines the work of Barbara Sherry and Kathy Eisler. With similar backgrounds in the field of art, these two artists offer a glimpse of the variety of directions that can be taken in ceramics. Eisler and Sherry have shared backgrounds in Fine Arts, Art History, and Graphic Arts. They both enjoy hand building and experimentation with clay.

Barbara Sherry is a graduate of Boston College with a degree in Art History. She worked as a graphic designer in publishing. Barbara has been a student at TASOC for fifteen years. She had the privilege of spending 12 years in the company of Mikhail Zakin, whose clarity of vision and powerful voice continues to inform her work. The community of people at TASOC who love to work with clay provides inspiration and enriches the ongoing exploration of this wonderful medium.

Kathy Eisler graduated Rutgers College with a degree in Fine Arts and Art Education. She worked as a graphic artist in advertising before joining TASOC both as a student and a teacher. Kathy's sculptural ceramics combines her creative skills and imagination. Her pottery is hand built, concentrating on evoking a beautiful yet powerful shape rather than purely functional form. She hopes different personalities are perceived in her work, not conventional ones. Kathy likes forms and emotions to evolve as she handles the clay. Her art is not preconceived.

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