Material Lists

A material list is a list of things students will need to bring for a particular course. Supplies are generally not provided by the school for adult or teen classes, so our instructors have put together lists of items you will need to bring.

Click on a course number to view the material list for that class.


BAS038 Basketry: From Craft to Art - Kehoe


PAP057 The World of Collage – Finck

PAP058 Beginner Collage - Finck


CUL133 Yoga - Pilo


DIG001 Digital Art & Design - Scanlan


DRA002 Life Drawing: Understanding Figure Forms - Glaisek

DRA007 Drawing from the Inside Out & Outside In - Glaisek

DRA080 Drawing with Ink - Guilfoyle

DRA092 Techniques in Colored Pencil & Ink Wash - Kogge

DRA095 Drawing Basics - Theroux

DRA099 Drawing: Beyond Basics - Theroux

DRA100 Drawing with Color - Traptcheva


FAB056 An Introduction to Wet Felting - Hsiao


JEL066 Jewelry Making - Pekelney

JEL071 Precious Metal Clay Jewelry - Sloan


PAI065 Painting & Drawing from Life & Reference - Glaisek

PAI066 Creating a Personal Approach - Pollock

PAI115 The Blank Canvas - Guilfoyle

PAI126 Painting & Drawing: A Guided Exploration - King

PAI133 Anyone Can Paint - Wilson

PAI137 Portrait Painting from Life - Robinson

PAI141 Greater Expression: A Guided Journey - Schaefer

PAI144 Painting with Mixed Media - Traptcheva

PAI146 Canvases, Brushes & Paint, Oh My! - Barrasi

PAI147 Color & Process - Schneider

PAI148 Experimental Painting Techniques - Scanlan

PAI149 Painting from Start to Finish - Theroux


WAT047 Expressive Watercolor - Pollock

WAT092 Joy of Watercolor - Rose

WAT100 Connecting with the Spirit of Watercolor - Gass-Brown

WAT101 Exploring Watercolor Techniques - Lu

WAT102 Chinese Brush Painting: A Different Approach - Chang

WAT103 Watercolor: Basic Skills - Rose


PHO038 Digital Photography: Beyond Basics - Gans

PHO043 Digital Photography: The Basics - Turkin

PHO059 Digital Photography: The Next Step - Turkin


PRI078 Layering Plates: Mixed Media Prints - Cochran

PRI079 Monoprinting Mania - Cochran

PRI080 Beginner Printmaking - Baratta

PRI081 Color Theory, Design & Linocut - Baratta


SCU078 Sculpt: The Figure Abstracted - Mauro

SCU079 Sculpture Reviewed – Mauro

SCU105 Figure Sculpture: Long Pose - Shorin

SCU106 Figure Sculpture: Short Pose - Shorin


WKS155 Beginning Collage - Finck

WKS156 Gelatin Plate Printmaking - Cochran

WKS519 Color Theory - Theroux

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